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Ambiance and Atmosphere to Your Outdoor Living Space

Customers are often intimidated by their home’s exterior and landscape lighting. Silvermoon Landscape Lighting helps customers add value to their property through outdoor lighting. They’re the experts and know how to make outdoor areas – front yards, backyards, decks or gardens – look great with outdoor lighting fixtures and professional techniques.

Does it feel overwhelming?

Landscape lighting can be as simple, or as detailed as you like. The goal is to introduce and create key outdoor lighting concepts that can be easily implemented.

Where do you begin?

Less is often more when designing your exterior landscape lighting plan. It doesn’t take much to use light to draw attention to a part of the yard that you want to highlight.

Next, determine what you want to showcase using light. When thinking about the lighting of an area, take into consideration how you will be using all the outdoor areas.

How do you know how much light to use?

Remember, a little goes a long way with lighting, especially in the dark when your eyes have already adjusted to the dark. Even low light levels low then will create a dramatic effect.

What is the color temperature?

Light temperature is just as important as light quality. Didn’t know that lights had a color temperature?  The color of the light is measured on a Kelvin (K) scale and it is listed on its packaging. Cooler and bluer lighting temperatures are 3500K and above. For lighting with a more amber, warmer tone, look for temperatures 3000K or below.

The warmer lighting temperatures are best for lighting outdoor landscapes. For warm and comforting feelings of summertime campfires, choose a light on the kelvin scale of 2700.

What do layers have to do with landscape lighting?

Layered lighting creates different levels of light that can add elements of emotion, drama, and beauty to your outdoor space. Layering the lighting and creating different effects adds is a pleasant way to set the mood and create ambiance.

There is a lot to know and to think about creating your outdoor lighting plan and that is why hiring a professional is a good idea.  Call Silvermoon Landscape Lighting today for free, 3-day home installation and understand the real effects the right lighting can have on your outdoor space.