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How many lights do you need for your backyard pool?

The tips and tricks to pool lighting

Pool lights can be a fun way to add ambiance to your pool. Pool lighting will also assist you from stubbing your toe once the sunsets. There are many color options and you can switch some on even by the simple push of a button. With the help of a landscape lighting professional, you will benefit from the professional knowledge of how to change the pool light bulb and what kind of pool light works best for your inground pool. There are many kinds of pool lights and specifications, call Silvermoon Landscape Lighting and get their professional advice.

How do you determine how many lights you need for your pool? The number of pool lights is based on the size of the pool. To determine the number of lights for your size pool, a good rule of thumb is .5 watts per square foot or 45.4 watts per square meter.

When installing pool lights, they should be installed at a maximum depth of 12 inches below the top of the pool. Typically, the steps and ledges are installed 16 inches below the top of the pool. Though these are standard recommendations, everything can be modified to adjust to the layout and style of your backyard pool.

Pool lights, like other lights, have changed over the years. Halogen pool lights have been standard installments for their brightness and low cost however LED pool lights are taking over with as there become more pool lighting options. When weighing the options between Halogen and LED lights, it is important to know the facts about each. Halogen pool lights can range between $150-$300 and emit a torch-like effect. LED pool lights range between $180-$700, they are brighter and emit an ambient glow effect. Halogen pool light colors are limited but the colors can be changed by changing the color of the lens of the light. Halogen lights, depending on the manufacturer, can last between 5 and 2 years whereas LED pool lights can last 10 or more years. The bulbs can burn for more than 1,000 hours before they need to be replaced, that is a lot of night pool time.

Here are some of the benefits of installing pool lights

  •  Pool lights add brightness
  • Adds color to the pool
  • Long-lasting safety precaution
  • Efficient and durable lighting

Seeking professional help to repair any leaks is the advised action for the continued safety of your pool. Commonly, there are three ways to repair a pool light leak. If the water level is low, the repair is easily done by applying waterproof silicone caulking into the light conduit and around the end to seal the exit for water, allowing it to dry for 2 days before putting it back into its niche. Option two is to use pool putty around the cord as it enters the conduit, pushing it in to seal it against the cord. This option also requires a drying time of 2 days. The third option is to use a split rubber plug, commonly called a light cord stopper, that fits around the cord. The cord stopper should be pushed into the conduit to create a watertight seal. 

For answers to any of your pool or landscape lighting questions, contact Silvermoon Lighting and receive a complimentary lighting assessment.