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Landscape Lighting Experts Share Tips to Hang Your Holiday Lights So You Are The Envy of Your Neighborhood

It is that time of year again, where you and your neighbors decorate your homes with lights to brighten up the holidays. The experts at Silvermoon Landscape Lighting share tips and strategies to make it easier and faster for you to hang your holiday lights.

Confused by what it all means? Read this list of holiday lighting terms that you may use to light up your yard:

  • Incandescent bulbs are classic, filament-based bulbs that give off a warm glow.
  • LED bulbs last twice as long as incandescent bulbs and emit a very bright light. 
  • Wide-angle LED bulbs with concave tips that throw light.
  • Transparent bulbs are mini colored bulbs with visible filaments.
  • Ceramic bulbs are classic with an opaque painted look.
  • Globe LED bulbs are globe-shaped and they stay cool.
  • Net lights are small LED bulbs in a webbed circuit.
  • RGB LED bulbs are programmable diodes that display light in any color.

Plan by creating a lighting plan. Measure the distances between where you want to display your lights. Use the plan to estimate the number and length of light strands you will need. The longer the distance between bulbs the more the light can spread across an area, creating warm and pleasing shadows.

Using a net light is a quick and easy way to illuminate trees and shrubs. For a more traditional look, wrap the tree with strands of mini lights.

Use white lights to create a classic and traditional Christmas feel. Install white lights symmetrically along gutters, eaves, around windows, and on larger trees or shrubs. The difference between a classic holiday display and a garish lighting mess is the color and number of bulbs.

Do you need help in creating the Christmas display worthy of your neighbor’s envy?  Call Silvermoon Landscape Lighting and let the experts create a magical Christmas scene, where people will come from far and wide to see.