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Landscape Lighting

The SilverMoon Steps for New Lighting Installation:

The SilverMoon Steps for New Lighting Installation:

Step 1 – FREE ESTIMATE – A designer will meet with you to discuss your lighting needs and your vision. Together, you will walk the property and talk about the proposed design, number of lights, any unique lighting applications, and types of fixtures.

Step 2 – FREE DEMONSTRATION – SilverMoon will set-up a temporary lighting demonstration so that you can see your property with landscape lighting. With the temporary lights, we will design and layout a complete full-scale lighting system at your home. You are able to see the way the lights will look on your home BEFORE you make an investment. We leave the lights up for you to enjoy for three nights. A final decision will be made as to how many and which fixtures will work best and where they will be installed.

Step 3 – SCHEDULE AN INSTALLATION DATE – To schedule an installation date, a final design needs to be approved and a deposit will be required.

Step 4 – INSTALLATION - The lights are professionally installed without disturbing the current landscaping. At times, we may recommend trimming bushes or trees to make the lighting effects more visible. Wire lines are buried deep into the ground and are unnoticeable. Transformer placement is vital to the installation. If needed, our Electrician will install a new electrical outlet for the transformer to be installed in an optimal location. After the installation is complete, all you have to do is wait until nightfall and enjoy the benefits of your new lighting system.

Step 5 – FINAL ADJUSTMENT – After the installation, small tweaks or adjustments to the lights may be necessary to perfect the lighting design.

SilverMoon Lighting other Services:


We recommend our maintenance service plan to keep your lighting in optimal condition. Call today and get a quote for your maintenance service plan.

Let's face it - if you haven't taken advantage of our full-service maintenance plan your lights probably need a little attention. Whether we installed your lights or not – we are happy to give maintenance service which includes:

  • Clean all lens
    Clean and remove debris from fixtures
    Tighten loose components
    Check transformers
    Clear plant material covering fixtures
    Check wire, voltage, and amperage
    Reset Timers
    Re-bury exposed wires
    Replace all bulbs
    Reposition light fixtures


Do you have lights that don’t work? We can repair them. We are masters at troubleshooting existing system to determine what needs to be done. It may be there are loose wires, cut wires, loose connections, or bad connections – let us figure it out. We will do a tune-up on the system to get it back into working condition. Don’t wait for a total blackout to call us!


Do you still have an old Halogen lighting system that needs updating? Call now and see how a full retrofit of LED bulbs can transform yyourold system into a new and more efficient lighting system.

Need to add more light fixtures to your existing system? No problem! We will work with what you have and add on to your pre-existing lighting system.

See for Yourself the Difference Lighting can make – Schedule a FREE 3 Night Lighting Demonstration for you Home.