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Lighting Designers Revisit the Industrial Age for a New Clean Look in Landscape Lighting

Before, you could count on landscape lighting to drive out the darkness and to provide light in the night.

In 2019, landscape lighting not only provides light, but the fixtures become highlighted features and interesting aspects in your yard and act as accents to your home’s architecture.

These days, more people want to spend evenings outside while they enjoy a bit of nature on their terrace or balcony. Creating the right landscape lighting, aides in the ambiance and experience.

Continued Trends for 2019

LED’s remain strong contenders for 2019.The LED technology  for landscape lighting is energy efficiency and comes with a dependably long lamp life.  The color temperature and dimming abilities also make LED’s an ideal lighting choice for outdoor living areas. As more manufacturers enter the LED world, there are sure to be more new features and innovative ideas for outdoor LED lighting. For power savings and efficiency, many homeowners rely on motion detectors, some even having solar alternatives. Every outdoor area can be lit, with plenty of options to keep you out of the dark.

Industrial Design Lighting

Lighting fixtures trends continue toward easy-care materials. Today, lighting lamps are made of glass, have combined wood-glass connections or rely on sustainable material like concrete. Fixtures with an Industrial style show options in steel and aluminum. Industrial lighting for 2019, provides functionality with a Spartan flair- a combination of a modern living with an eye-catching focus.  Cleverly combined, the industrial design becomes a stylistic device, a fashion accessory, and a way to deliberately differentiate a mainstream fixture, to a focal piece in your exterior lighting design.  Industrial lighting is multi-dimensional, with design elements that work alone or in combination with other design styles.

Mobility, an emerging request in Landscape Lighting Designs

New in 2019 is the desire for Mobile light options. For every outdoor style of living there is the perfect fixture that not only pleases, but also meets the latest trends and fits with your design.  Since many people like to sit outside, there is mobile lighting that is explicitly designed for outdoor use. Why should mobility only be enough for the phone and not for the lighting? Modern lighting designers are now making this possible. Portable lights allow a certain flexibility, they now can be rolled and unrolled, making it easy to wrap them around outside objects such as chairs and tables.

The following list shows again in short form which fixture trends are new in 2019 and in your outdoor space can be made homely and modern at the same time:

  • LED as a light option for every area
  • Outdoor fixtures in all shapes and suitable for outdoor use
  • industrial design
  • Sculptural design
  • Mobile fixtures and potable lights
  • Robust yet elegant fixtures
  • Material combinations and new surfaces
  • Splash of color and color joy

The new trends are easy to summarize: there is something for every taste and there is nothing that does not exist. Contact Silvermoon Landscape Lighting today for expert advice in designing and implementing your landscape lighting design.