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Should You Spend the Money on LEDs?

LEDs are extremely efficient, using 1 to 11 watts of power versus 20 to 60 watts for a halogen bulb.

The U.S. energy savings attributable to LED Lighting will reach 5.1 quads in 2035 and will be 75% lower than if LED lights had not entered the market. This efficiency flows over into a lower installation cost due to needing a smaller transformer and fewer cables.  These efficiencies create significantly lower operating costs and a reduced cost of maintenance.   When you make the decision to switch to LED lighting, over a 15-year span of time you will likely see a 50 percent savings in energy costs.

With no filament to break or burn out, LEDs can last 40 thousand hours, approximately 20 years of regular use compared to the halogen bulb that last on average, two yearsLEDs use a different technology that does not rely on electricity to create that excited state in any filament, resulting in far less energy wasted. This difference is why LEDs are more energy efficient.

The initial investment in LEDs can feel overwhelming at $40 per bulb compared to a $5 similar halogen bulb.  It is an investment that has a real rate of return over time, but the cost is often a deterrent to homeowners.

In landscape design, the light color becomes important in achieving the look and feel that the designers strive toward.  Many LEDs have a cold light color with a temperature of 6 thousand kelvins. For a warmer glow effect, use an LED bulb with a warm color temperature of about 3 thousand kelvins.

The output of light is also a consideration when using LEDs.  Although the LED lumen performance is improving, the light output does fall behind that of the halogen bulb.

The efficiency of an LED bulb surpasses that of a halogen bulb and makes it a landscape designer’s choice in creating the perfect yard glow or to define the garden path up to your home.

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