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Landscape lighting makeover for your vacation home

Winter 2019 is in the books and you are now faced with the fun to be had this summer season at your vacation home. In your near future, you will experience warm summer nights spent on your deck or dock.  Want to jazz that experience up a bit? Silvermoon Landscape Lighting has the experience you need to get that outdoor lighting makeover done today.

Use light design to transform your Dock

When designing a lighting makeover for your vacation home, the dock is a great place to start. Here are some important things to consider and why hiring a professional to help, is a smart idea:

  • Bollards– the preferred dock style lights that stand about 24 inches tall and provide the perfect light to let you safely get on and off your boat.
  • Solar lights– solar lights that turn on automatically at sunset instead of relying on a manual switch or electric timer
  • Consult your neighbors or Marina managers- when installing dock lighting, make sure to talk it over with your neighbors to make sure they don’t have issues with your lighting design, they may even share in the cost if the design is collaborative.  Talking to the Marina manager will alert you to the need for consistent lighting requirements.

Transform your dock with underwater lighting

Install underwater LED lights for a unique dock lighting effect.  Underwater lights create a glowing reflection and can add the perfect ambience for nights spent out on your dock.  Choosing from an assortment of lighting colors can work with the waters’ color.  Green bulbs, because of their short wavelength, are a popular choice for green murky water.

Create the rustic outdoor seating environments using lanterns

Whether you choose string light lanterns, single lanterns, or standing lanterns, they are a perfect choice to illuminate your outdoor seating area.  The Lantern theme follows the rustic feel of a summer vacation home.

Gather around a fire feature

Fire pits are a popular feature in today’s outdoor living space. Incorporating a free standing firepit as the center piece of your outdoor living space makes for hours of memory making evening fun.

Discover more ways to give your vacation home a lighting makeover  

Silvermoon Landscape Lighting is the perfect professional team to provide your vacation home with a much-needed lighting makeover. Discuss these ideas and ask them about the many more options available to you. Call Silvermoom Landscape Lighting for professional landscape lighting advice today or visit our website to schedule an appointment!