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Silvermoon Summer Landscape Special & Design Tips

It can be surprisingly challenging to create a natural, artfully lit landscape. The challenge is reflected in creating dramatic lighting without pathways resembling landing strips or an annoying glare coming from every tree.

Design tips for landscape lighting:

  • One way to experiment with different effects is to go outside at night with a good flashlight to get an idea about how lighting affects your yards individual situations. Silvermoon lighting provides a free proposal based on the client’s vision and budget and then come to your home to set up temporary lights.  When it gets dark, the lights come on and you’ll be amazed!
  • You don’t want to light everything, so start with safety. Walkways and stairs are critical. There are small fixtures made for each of these situations.
  • After safety is addressed, accent lighting is next. Low voltage lighting accentuates shape and texture in specific landscape features.
  • Avoid the common mistake of over lighting by placing fixtures on only one side of a walkway or staggering them between sides.

Silvermoon Lighting uses lighting effects and selected materials that harmonize with your site, creating a functional environment that is both pleasing and practical.

Popular landscape lighting effects:

  • Uplighting – often used to accent a tree with the fixture at the base
  • Downlighting – the same idea only the fixture is up high and shines down
  • Spotlighting – creates a focal point by turning a spotlight on it
  • Backlighting – the feature is silhouetted by putting the fixture behind it
  • Crosslighting – using two fixtures from different directions to give even more dimensionality to a feature

Get a jumpstart with our summer landscape special. Call Silvermoon Lighting today for 0% financing on a unique design that offers safety, security, and beauty for your commercial or residential property.