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Summer Loving, having a blast – Create that vacation get-away feeling in your own backyard with these creative lighting ideas

Relaxing around a pool can make you feel like you’re on vacation, even when you are in your own back yard. Make your own backyard and pool area feel like a beautiful vacation get-away with the right lighting.  Here are some lighting tips to help achieve that vacation, relaxed feeling at home:

  • Pool Deck and surrounding fixture Lighting- Make your pool the focal point of your backyard.  Create the luxury feel of a backyard oasis with the right lighting. 

Use lighting at your bar with under-cabinet lights, your stairway and deck railings,

  • Moonlighting– Do you want that midnight swim under a full moon feeling? You’ll love the simulated moonlighting effect that can be create with lights mounted high in the trees or along roof gables.  With a soft widespread light, filtered down through trees and branches, it creates a shadow effect that makes it hard to tell the difference.
  • Luxury Tiki Torches– For that tropical feel. you can opt to connect a propane tank for festive flames or go with the electric lighting tiki models.
  • Tree and Plant Lights- highlight trees and plants for that authentic resort feel. Base lights highlight the tree trunk and canopy. Wrap string lights around the trees trunks to create a year-round festive feel.
  • Floating Lights-Floating LED lights create a soft ambient lighting both above and below the water.
  • Underwater Lights- Underwater pool lights add a measure of safety for nighttime swimming. These underwater lights create a glowing effect in whichever color you choose.

Contact Silvermoon Landscape Lighting to learn more about your pool lighting options, including spotlights, flood lights, path lights and deck lights.

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