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Want to be the life of the party? Let Silvermoon Landscape Lighting plan your outdoor living space today!

When considering an outside renovation, there might be a concern on whether the money spent will be worth the pleasure experienced from enjoying the outdoor space afterwards.

Houzz surveyed of more than 750 U.S. homeowners and more than 500 of those homeowner’s report spending more time outside after completing their landscape project. Of those 750 homeowners, 390 of them report that their outdoor living space was more relaxing.

Creating an outdoor living space often includes lounge seating and dining furniture. In addition, homeowners are also including fire pits, ambient lighting, and patio heaters as a way to get the most out of their outdoor spaces.

With the backyard an extension of their home, technology is another big focus of many projects, with almost one in five homeowners upgrading with outdoor entertainment systems. According to Houzz, about 400 of those homeowners selected new TV’s with fewer focusing on wired and solar speakers.

While most of the outdoor renovations are in the backyard, less than half also focused on updating the front yard and side yards. Homeowners that renovate their front yards focus on beds, borders and lighting features that increase curb appeal.

Though it may be assumed that these yard renovations are done in order to help sell a house, Houzz reporter Sitchinava says the exact opposite is true. “For the majority of projects, investment in the yard is for the homeowner’s own use, with only 6 percent reporting that they started a landscaping project because they plan to sell their home and need to improve the resale value, according to our 2017 Landscaping Trends Study findings,” she said.
The report found that outdoor improvements were made with a desire to personalize their home. More than half of these homeowner’s report spending upwards of $10,000 on their outdoor living space. Sitchinava says, “the homeowners installed features for the purposes of entertaining parties and families”.

Whatever the budget or motivation, it seems clear that with the outdoor living space renovations, the hosts create a prime spot to entertain, making them the life of the party. Call Silvermoon Landscape Lighting today to be ready for outdoor entertaining in your tomorrows.