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Want to feel safe and have peace of mind while on vacation? Install outdoor security lighting to protect your home while you are away

Outdoor security lighting can reduce the worry you may be feeling for the security of your home as you plan an extended family vacation. It can be worrisome leaving your home unprotected. Often, there is fear around leaving your home unprotected while off having fun with your family. Thieves take advantage of unmonitored homes, breaking in, and creating devastation for the homeowners upon their return. 

Preventing the trauma of a home invasion can be as simple as the installation of outdoor motion security lights.  Below are some of the many benefits you may experience from the installation of outdoor motion sensor security lights.

1. Less crime!  Statistics prove that homes with motion security lights are less likely to be victims of crime than those that do not.  There is a certain sense of security knowing that your home is protected by security lights, lighting your home, yard, and outbuildings.

2. Perfect lighting. There are many options in choosing outdoor sensor security lights for your home.  Silvermoon Landscape Lighting can assist you in choosing either wireless or permanent installation options depending on your budget and needs.

3. Lighting convenience. Motion lights are convenient.  The installation of security motion lights can make coming home in the dark more convenient. Once the motion of your presence is sensed, lights will come on to light your way if your hands are full.   The motion sensor will make the security lights come on when your kids are dropped off, allowing them to safely approach and enter your home.

4. Deter pests. Motion lights can deter unwanted nocturnal animals who want to avoid light. Motion sensor security lights will scare pests out of your yard.

5. Efficiency and savings.   Motion security lights are efficient and save money. Because security motion lights only come on when motion is detected, they are efficiently use electricity and you will save on replacement bulbs.

6. Neighborhood watch.  Outdoor motion security lights are good for your neighborhood and allow neighbors to help monitor your house. When a neighbor knows that you are not home, when they notice trigger of your motion security lights, they are alerted to be more aware or even investigate. 

Professional Security Light Installation

Silvermoon Landscape Lighting knows that motion sensor lighting should be installed high up and out of reach.  Popular placement for security lights are along the driveway, yard, fence, and out buildings.  Professional installation of security lights can create ambiance as well as improving security.

Unique outdoor security lights can be installed around trees and foliage, shining upwards illuminating bushes to prevent intruders hiding in them. 

Let Silvermoon Landscape Lighting provide a free professional estimate for the professional installation of your home’s outdoor security lighting.

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