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What are the DO’s & DON’T’s for Holiday Lighting?

Driving through neighborhoods, admiring the bedazzled roof lines and ridges, it’s easy to spot the house that ruins the look of the entire block.

It’s always the house with 10,000 blinking, multicolored lights set to Yuletide carols with giant inflatable figures littering the front lawn.

There will always be the “bigger is better” crowd even when it comes to decorating outside for the holidays. It is the attention seekers that use lots of sensory-assaulting lawn figures and flashing bright lights. Silvermoon Landscape Lighting suggests that you resist the bigger is a better urge, and instead adopt the less is more trend– remember, tasteful never goes out of style.

The outdoor lighting experts from Silvermoon Landscape Lighting provide tips on how to get the most bang with your outdoor decorations this holiday.  The trick is to put time and thought into planning the design before bringing out the ladder and boxes of decorations.

Dos and don’ts of outdoor lighting for the holidays

  • Do use more light to enhance curb appeal if your house sits back from the street
  • Do leave at least a foot between the edge of the driveway and staked lights when lining your driveway to avoid taking out a row of lights by mistake
  • Do create a flow of light that moves the eye from one area to the next and avoid the look of “hot spots”
  • Do create depth by illuminating more than just the facade of your home
  • Do use special lighting effects sparingly, such as a red or green gel pack that can filter the color of a white light.
  • Do incorporate seasonal lighting with your outdoor landscape lighting. Use existing landscape lights to enhance your holiday display
  • Do carry the holiday design theme from the inside to the outside
  • Do add pre-lite candles, wreaths, and garlands to windows, doors, and columns
  • Do use lights to highlight your homes architectural features like roof lines, chimneys, peaks, windows, and ridges
  • Don’t mix LED and conventional lighting
  • Don’t use all green or red lights, this creates a commercial feel, not homey
  • Don’t use hanging icicles on a modern home. Use the lighting effects that complement the style of your home
  • Don’t use as many LED lights as traditional halogen lights. LED’s are brighter, and fewer are required
  • Don’t light everything, less is more

If you want to sit back and enjoy the holidays, contact Silvermoon Landscape Lighting for expert installation of holiday lights that will inspire and that your neighbors will admire.