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What goes into the planning of Landscape Lighting?

First, decide, are you looking for curb appeal and value for your home? One way to increase curb appeal while adding value to your home is with landscape lighting. What is landscape lighting? It is the use of outdoor lights to illuminate parts of your yard. With the proper lighting, you can increase the value and the curb appeal of your home, as well as increase the overall security of your property. 

When you invest in landscape lighting, you may not know where to start or how to plan your lighting design. In planning the lighting around your property, walk around and determine what parts of your yard would benefit from light or accent. Maybe there are trees that you want to highlight or a pathway you want lit. 

Once you have identified the parts of your yard that you want to add light too, the next step is to sketch out your ideas. On your sketched plan, draw the lights where you imagine them to be. After you know where you want your lights, you will be able to determine which kind of lights and how many you will need.

How do you choose the right outdoor light for your plan? The type of light fixtures you need will be determined by what kind of light you are looking for. You don’t want one light to be too bright. Using many lights will defuse the light, creating a softer glowing effect.

Hiring a professional to add and install the electrical and lighting and they can also help you with the lighting design that you have created.

Landscape lighting is hard to choose, there are many types that create different effects. Here is a list of lighting styles that may help you to choose which is best for your yards lighting plan.

Moonlighting — laced high up in the branches of a tree, pointing down to illuminate the branches much like the light of the moon.

Path lighting—this is a popular lighting option as it adds more light to an area that is not always well lit. You can also use path lighting to light the sides of your driveway.

Shadowing — this type of lighting requires light placement between the area of the object that you want lit. A flat surface vantage point must be behind the area you are highlighting in order to catch the shadows of the highlighted object.

Silhouetting—the lighting for silhouetting is placed behind the object or tree to create the silhouette effect. This effect is best used to highlight trees, bushes or any other object that you want to light in this dramatic effect.

Up-Lighting—for the up lit effect, the light is placed at the base of the tree of an object to highlight the main part of the object.

Washing—for the washed effect you will use a light to flood the wall or area for ambient lighting effect. This type of lighting is best used for a wall, fence, or a patio area.

To create the perfect desired landscape lighting effect, it is best to hire professionals to do the job. Silvermoon Landscape Lighting offers a free, three-day install of your lighting design in your yard. Call Sivermoon Landscape Lighting to get started on your lighting project today.