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What? There are types of lighting?

Silvermoon Lighting expertly delivers the type of lighting that reflect your home and landscape in the best light.

Did you even know that lighting has a type?  Below Silvermoon Lighting reveals the types of lighting to use for the desired illuminating results.

Wash lighting

What is referred to as wash lighting, throws out a soft, diffused light which is ideal for brightening flat facades, privacy fences, and garden walls?

Bullet lighting

Bullet lighting is versatile with compact fixtures, fitted with bulbs that project a narrow beam of light.  This type of lighting is good for illuminating precise house features like a tree, landscape focal point or a specific garden structure.

Well lighting

With well lighting, the fixture and bulb, within a waterproof housing, is buried into the ground.  With this type of lighting, you get light without the seeing the fixture. The well lighting type is used to illuminate the undersides of focal points like plants, the base of a facade or a wall.

Downlight lighting

Downlighting is used high on trunks and branches and is aimed down on lawns, paths, or foliage to create a moonlit effect.


Floodlighting casts a wide beam, 40 degrees or more resulting in a bright, wash light. Floodlighting is best used sparingly, to light up tall trees or wide house facades.

Garden lighting

Garden lighting is canopies that sit on top of up to 24” posts, reflecting light onto planter beds. The garden lighting is also used to light pathways.

Call Silvermoon Lighting as your first step to recognizing the lighting potential of your home and landscape.  An expert Silvermoon Lighting designer will meet to discuss your lighting needs and vision. Together, you will develop a proposed design, including the types of lighting, the number of lights, and any other unique lighting applications, and fixtures.