Why Is Servicing Your Landscape Lighting System So Important? 

The biggest threat to your landscape lighting system is water and moisture condensation. Moisture of any kind is never a good combination with electricity or electrical fixtures.

Any moisture inside of a lighting fixture should be addressed immediately. Delaying maintenance will ultimately lead to water build up and corrosion. Condensation inside the lens fixture is an indication of moisture which means water has found its way into the fixture somehow. Silvermoon Lighting will provide a professional and thorough assessment, identify the issue and reseal or replace any worn-out components. Having your Silvermoon lighting specialist’s as the expert team that maintains your system on an annual basis is a highly recommended form of prevention.

Annual system maintenance often includes but is not limited to:

  • Ensuring system timers are set correctly.
  • Tightening terminal blocks, making sure they are securely fastened.
  • Check the photocells functionality and the lack of system interference.
  • Balancing lines so there aren’t power draws or over/under boosted lines.
  • Draining and redirecting lighting fixtures when necessary.
  • Securing stakes that have shifted due to weather.
  • Exchanging a halogen system with LED fixtures that last 15-20 years.
  • Cleaning hard water deposits from lenses.
  • Trimming and cleaning areas of overgrown vegetation around lighting fixtures.
  • Relocation of fixtures to account for growth and changes to the landscape.
  • LED lamp is inspected and replaced under warranty.
  • Maintain and rebury any exposed wires.

Why Is Servicing Your System So Important?

Regularly servicing and maintaining your system ensures that the quality and performance continues at the installation level. Call Silvermoon Lighting for a lighting consultation and evaluation.